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Manufacturer Part Number : DS2E-S-DC24V
Manufacturer : Panasonic Electric Works
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status : Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Datasheet : DS2E-S-DC24V.PDF DS2E-S-DC24V PDF
15 198 990956 /datasheets/Relays/Panasonic-Electric-Works-DS2E-S-DC24V-990956.pdf Panasonic-Electric-Works/DS2E-S-DC24V 990956

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Technical Parameters of DS2E-S-DC24V

Part Status:Active
Relay Type:General Purpose
Coil Type:Non Latching
Coil Current:8.3mA
Coil Voltage:24VDC
Contact Form:DPDT (2 Form C)
Contact Rating (Current):2A
Switching Voltage:250VAC, 220VDC - Max
Turn On Voltage (Max):16.8 VDC
Turn Off Voltage (Min):2.4 VDC
Operate Time:10ms
Release Time:5ms
Features:Sealed - Amber
Mounting Type:Through Hole
Termination Style:PC Pin
Operating Temperature:-40~C ~ 70~C

Product Details


Presenting the DS2E-S-DC24V, a high-performance signal relay crafted by Panasonic Electric Works to redefine reliability and efficiency in electronic signal switching. As a standout in the Signal Relays category, this device is designed to handle up to 2 Amps, making it a versatile solution for various applications.


The DS2E-S-DC24V boasts an array of features that make it an exceptional choice for signal relay needs. With a robust design, this relay ensures durability and longevity in operation. Its low power consumption coupled with high switching capacity up to 2 Amps optimizes energy efficiency without compromising performance. The compact form factor facilitates easy integration into space-constrained designs, while the 24V DC coil voltage provides compatibility with a wide range of electronic systems. This relay also exhibits excellent contact stability, ensuring a reliable signal transfer over countless cycles. 


Tailored for a multitude of applications, the DS2E-S-DC24V is the go-to signal relay for industries ranging from telecommunications and automation to consumer electronics. Ideal for switching low-power signals, it finds its place in control panels, communication equipment, and various electronic devices. Engineers and designers alike choose the DS2E-S-DC24V to enhance the performance and longevity of their systems, trusting in Panasonic Electric Works' commitment to precision engineering and innovation in relay technology. Elevate your signal switching experience with the DS2E-S-DC24V.

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