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Manufacturer Part Number : CM600HU-24F
Manufacturer : Powerex Inc.
Description : IGBT MOD SGL 1200V 600A F SER
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status : Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Datasheet : CM600HU-24F.PDF CM600HU-24F PDF
Download Datasheet : CM600HU-24F Details.PDF CM600HU-24F PDF
315 318 2099303 http://www.pwrx.com/pwrx/docs/cm600hu24f.pdf Powerex-Inc-/CM600HU-24F 2099303

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Technical Parameters of CM600HU-24F

AttributeAttribute Value
Manufacturer  Powerex Inc.
Product Category  IGBT Module
Series  IGBTMOD™
Package-Case  Module
Mounting-Type  Chassis Mount
Supplier-Device-Package  Module
Input  Standard
Configuration  Single
Electric current collectors600A
IGBT-Type  Trench
Vce-on-Max-Vge-Ic  2.4V @ 15V, 600A
Input-Capacitance-Cies-Vce  230nF @ 10V
NTC-Thermistor  No

Product Details


The CM600HU-24F is more than a mere electronic component; it's a testament to precision engineering and technological finesse. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this semiconductor marvel is designed to redefine industry benchmarks and empower your electronic systems.


1. High-current Capability:

   Dive into a realm of dynamic power amplification. The CM600HU-24F boasts a high-current capability, delivering an unprecedented symphony of energy for optimal performance in even the most demanding electronic systems.

2. Ultra-low Switching Losses:

   Efficiency takes center stage with the CM600HU-24F. Experience a new standard of energy utilization as this component minimizes switching losses, ensuring that every electrical pulse is harnessed with precision and finesse.

3. Precision Thermal Management:

   The heartbeat of the CM600HU-24F lies in its thermal intelligence. Navigate sustained performance with ease as this component expertly dissipates heat, allowing for relentless operation in diverse and challenging environments.

4. Robust Encapsulation:

   Housed in a fortress of durability, the CM600HU-24F stands resilient against the rigors of electronic landscapes. This robust design not only ensures longevity but also shields the intricate internal architecture from external influences.


1. Industrial Power Systems:

   Seamlessly integrate the CM600HU-24F into industrial power systems, providing a reliable backbone for applications that demand precision and robustness.

2. Cutting-edge Innovations:

   Be a pioneer in cutting-edge electronic innovations. The CM600HU-24F's adaptability knows no bounds, providing a versatile canvas for engineers and developers to bring avant-garde projects to life.

3. Power Electronics Domains:

   From inverters to motor drives, the CM600HU-24F finds its niche in various power electronics domains. Its versatility opens doors to diverse applications, making it an indispensable asset for those pushing the boundaries of technology.

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