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PCB Capabilities
Items Capability Items Capability
Template Batch Material FR4 / Hi-Tg / Rogers / Halogen Free / RCC PTFE / Nelco / Mixed lamination Materials
Number of Layers 2-64 L 2-58 L
Board Thickness 0.5-17.5mm 0.6-10mm Surface Treatment HASL、HASL PB FREE Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver Gold Finger Plating OSP、Immersion Gold + OSP
Number of Layers 2-64 L 2-58 L
Annular Ring - Min 2-64 L 2-58 L
HDI Type 1+n+1 \ 2+n+2 3+n+3 1+n+1 \ 2+n+2 Other Techniques Blind and Buried Vias / Step groove / metal substrate / embedded resistor / embedded capacitor / mixed pressure / soft and hard combination / back drill / step gold finger
Spacing/Tracing - Min 2-64 L 2-58 L
Maximum Layer Copper Thickness 2-64 L 2-58 L
Home Aperture Ratio Template Batch PCBA Capacity 31.5 million Solder Joints/day
Maximum PCB Size 650mm X 1130mm 610mm X 1100mm PCBA Production line 30Article
Impedance Control +/-5% +/-10%
PCB Capabilities

You may send us the design files when decide to place the order.In the producing phase:: info@ntchip.com

*Files required for bare-board fabrication:PCB(Gerber),Pick Place,BOM

* Files required for SMT assembly:PCB(Gerber),Pick Place,Bill of Materials(BOM) in Excel format(for both consigned and turnkey orders).

please complete all required fields (denoted with *)..

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