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Avago Technologies US Inc.

Avago Technologies US Inc. was a prominent semiconductor company known for its innovative solutions in the field of analog, digital, and optoelectronic components. They were involved in the design, development, and sale of a wide range of semiconductor devices, including products like LEDs, motion sensors, optical sensors, and fiber optic transceivers.

Avago Technologies had a strong focus on providing components for various industries, including wireless communications, enterprise storage, industrial, and automotive sectors. The company's technology was widely used in smartphones, networking equipment, data centers, and other electronic devices.

The company's product portfolio encompassed a diverse range of offerings, such as radio frequency (RF) components, optocouplers, ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), and optical isolation solutions. They were also known for their expertise in designing and manufacturing gallium arsenide (GaAs) and silicon-based semiconductor devices.

Over time, Avago Technologies went through various changes, including mergers and acquisitions. It merged with Broadcom Corporation in 2016, forming Broadcom Inc. The merging of the two companies resulted in a semiconductor powerhouse with an expanded product line and broader market reach.

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Avago Technologies US Inc. FAQs

1.What products does Avago Technologies offer?

This would cover details about their semiconductor products such as LEDs, motion sensors, optical sensors, fiber optic transceivers, and other analog and digital components.

2.In which industries are Avago's products used?

Information on the industries where their products find applications such as wireless communications, data centers, consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial sectors.

3.What are the key technologies used by Avago Technologies in their semiconductor solutions?

This might include information on the use of gallium arsenide (GaAs), silicon-based technologies, or specific manufacturing processes they employ.

4.Who are Avago Technologies US Inc. competitors?

ABB Ltd's competitors include Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments Inc., Analog Devices Inc.,Intel Corporation, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Micron Technology Inc.,Infineon Technologies AG.

5.Is Broadcom and Avago Technologies US Inc. same?

Yes, Broadcom Inc. and Avago Technologies US Inc. are effectively the same entity, but they underwent a significant corporate event involving a merger.

Avago Technologies US Inc. merged with Broadcom Corporation in 2016. The combined company adopted the name Broadcom Inc. The merger was a strategic move to create a more comprehensive and diversified semiconductor company with an expanded product portfolio and a broader market presence.

After the merger, the combined Broadcom Inc. continued to operate as a global technology leader, offering a wide range of semiconductor solutions and infrastructure software across various industries, including wireless communications, networking, storage, and more. It's important to note that the Avago Technologies name is no longer used independently; instead, the merged entity operates under the Broadcom Inc. brand.

7.Who is CEO of Avago Technologies US Inc.?

Hock E. Tan(As of November 2023, he is still CEO)

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