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Inductors, Coils and Chokes Definition

At Nantian Electronics, we are your trustworthy partner, providing you with top-notch electronic components. Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive range of inductors, coils and chokes to meet your specific needs. We offer different types of inductors including: fixed inductors, variable inductors. Antenna coil, oscillation coil, choke coil, trap coil, deflection coil, etc.

What is Inductors, Chokes and Coils

Inductors(coils, and chokes) are passive electronic components that play crucial roles in electronic circuits. Inductors store energy in a magnetic field when current flows through them, resisting changes in current. Coils are a type of inductor often used for their specific inductance values. Chokes, a specific form of inductor, are used to block high-frequency noise while allowing DC or lower-frequency signals to pass.

These components find applications in various electronic systems, including filters, power supplies, signal processing, and radio frequency circuits. Understanding their properties and applications is essential for designing efficient and reliable electronic devices.

How Inductors Work

An inductor is a wire wound into a coil shape. When current flows through it, a strong magnetic field is formed at both ends of the coil (inductor). Due to the effect of electromagnetic induction, it will hinder the change of current.

Therefore, the inductor presents a small resistance to DC (approximately a short circuit) and a high impedance to AC, and its resistance is related to the frequency of the AC signal passing through it.

For the same inductor component, the higher the frequency of AC current passing through it, the greater the resistance it presents.

Function of Inductor

One of the primary functions of inductors is energy storage. When a current flows through an inductor, it generates a magnetic field, allowing it to store energy. This stored energy can be released back into the circuit when the current changes, making inductors crucial in many electronic devices.

Inductors are also extensively used for filtering purposes. They can be paired with capacitors to create filters that allow certain frequencies to pass through while blocking others. This is especially useful for reducing noise in power supplies and audio circuits.

Another key feature of inductors is their property of inductive reactance, which resists changes in current. This reactance increases with frequency, allowing inductors to block high-frequency signals while permitting low-frequency ones.

Inductors are instrumental in signal coupling, often found in transformers that transfer electrical energy while maintaining isolation. They also boost voltage levels in DC-DC converters and play vital roles in electromagnetic coils for devices like relays and solenoids.

Inductor Buying Guide

Choosing a well-known electrical appliance manufacturer can significantly reduce the failure rate of inductors. The top 10 most popular inductor manufacturers in the international market include: Triad Magnetics, Murata Manufacturing, TT Electronics, Abracon, Bourns, Viking Tech Corporation, Pulse Electronics, API Delevan, Bourns, Inc. and Taiyo Yuden.

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