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Infineon Technologies TD210N12KOFS01

Manufacturer Part Number : TD210N12KOFS01
Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies
Description : Thyristor/Diode 50 mm Prime Block 1800 V, 370 A module
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status : Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Datasheet : TD210N12KOFS01.PDF TD210N12KOFS01 PDF
EDA / CAD Models : TD210N12KOFS01 by SnapEDA
483 484 578466 /datasheets/Modules/TD210N12KOFS01-578466.pdf INFIENON/TD210N12KOFS01 578466

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Technical Parameters of TD210N12KOFS01

Product typeThyristor/Diode
ConfigurationSCR / SCR Phase Control
Housing50 mm
IFAVM/TC / ITAVM/TC [A/°C] (@180° el sin)364/85
IFSM / ITSM [A] (@10ms, Tvj max)10000
Product LinePower Block
RthJC [K/W] (@180° el sin)0.107
Tvj [°C]135
VDRM / VRRM [V]2200 ; 1800
VT0 [V] (@Tvj max)0.85 ; 0.8
rT [mΩ] (@Tvj max)0.64 ; 54 ; 0.54
∫I2dt [A²s · 103] (@10ms, Tvj max)500
On-state voltage (vT max. @Tvj max , iT = 800 A)1.32 V
Threshold voltage (V(TO) max. @Tvj max)0.8 V
Slope resistance (rT max. @Tvj max)0.54 mΩ
Gate trigger current (IGT max. @Tvj = 25°C, vD = 12V)200 mA
Gate trigger voltage (VGT max. @Tvj = 25°C, vD = 12V)2 V
Gate non-trigger current (IGD max. @Tvj max , vD = 12V ; @Tvj max , vD = 0.5 VDRM)10 mA ; 5 mA
Gate non-trigger voltage (VGD max. @Tvj max , vD = 0.5 VDRM)0.2 V
Holding current (IH max. @Tvj = 25°C, vD = 12V, RA = 1Ω)300 mA
Latching current (IL max. @Tvj = 25°C, vD = 12V, RGK ≥ 10Ω, iGM = 1A, diG/dt = 1A/µs, tg = 20µs)1200 mA
Forward off-state and reverse current (iD, iR max. @Tvj max, vD = VDRM, vR = VRRM)70 mA
Gate controlled delay time (tgd max. DIN IEC 747-6 @Tvj = 25°C, iGM = 1A, diG/dt = 1A/µs)3 µs

Product Details


  • Pressure contact technology for high reliability

  • Advanced Medium Power Technology (AMPT)

  • Industrial standard package

  • Electrically insulated base plate


  • Soft starter

  • Rectifier for drives applications

  • Crowbar applications

  • Power controllers

  • Rectifiers for UPS

  • Battery chargers

  • Static switches

  • Bypass swich

Is the TD210N12KOFS01 produced by Infineon discontinued?

The TD210N12KOFS0 produced by Infineon has been discontinued. Its replacement model is TD370N18KOF.(TD210N12KOFS0 Discontinuation Document).

As a professional Infineon distributor, although TD210N12KOFS01 has been discontinued, Nantian Electronics still has a large number of TD210N12KOFS01 in stock, and also provides TD210N12KOFS01 parameters, TD210N12KOFS01 Datasheet PDF and pin diagram downloads.

When did Infineon stop producing TD210N12KOFS0?

The last order date for TD210N12KOFS01 from Infineon was December 15, 2022, and the final shipment date was June 15, 2023. Therefore, we can infer that Infineon stopped producing TD210N12KOFS01 at some point after December 15, 2022.

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