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Manufacturer Part Number : ZL30407QCG1
Manufacturer : Microsemi Consumer Medical Product Group
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status : Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Datasheet : ZL30407QCG1.PDF ZL30407QCG1 PDF
Download Datasheet : ZL30407QCG1 Details.PDF ZL30407QCG1 PDF
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Technical Parameters of ZL30407QCG1

Main Purpose:SONET/SDH, Stratum
Frequency - Max:155.52MHz
Voltage - Supply:3 V ~ 3.6 V
Operating Temperature:-40~C ~ 85~C
Mounting Type:Surface Mount
Package / Case:80-LQFP
Supplier Device Package:80-LQFP (14x14)

Product Details


Unleash the future of electronic precision with the ZL30407QCG1, a cutting-edge Integrated Circuit (IC) meticulously crafted by the pioneering Microsemi Consumer Medical Product Group. This technological marvel is poised to redefine the landscape of electronic control and processing, embodying Microsemi's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.


At the heart of the ZL30407QCG1 lies a symphony of advanced features, harmonizing to orchestrate unparalleled performance. Precision-engineered for the most demanding applications, this IC seamlessly integrates a versatile architecture, offering a symphony of control and processing capabilities. Witness low power dissipation choreographed with high performance, a ballet of energy efficiency and computational prowess. This IC, a virtuoso of adaptability, asserts its dominance with a robust design ensuring a sustained crescendo of operational longevity. With avant-garde functionalities, the ZL30407QCG1 is the virtuoso of integrated circuits, a true magnum opus of Microsemi's engineering virtuosity.


This prodigy of an IC finds its stage in a myriad of applications, playing a pivotal role where electronic virtuosity is paramount. From consumer electronics where demanding performance takes center stage to medical devices orchestrating precision in every note, the ZL30407QCG1 commands attention. Its virtuosity extends to communication equipment, industrial automation, and beyond, making it the maestro in diverse electronic ensembles. Designers and engineers, captivated by its symphonic capabilities, elevate their creations with the ZL30407QCG1, a testament to Microsemi Consumer Medical Product Group's legacy of orchestrating brilliance in integrated circuitry. Step into the harmonious future of electronic innovation with the ZL30407QCG1.

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