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CR3032 3V Lithium Battery and CR3032 Battery Equivalent

Panasonic CR3032 3V battery

CR3032 battery is a common 3.0V button/coin cell lithium battery in daily life. This article will explain CR3032 characteristics, CR3032 battery equivalents, CR3032 applications, and other details about CR3032 batteries.


Overview of CR3032 Batteries

CR3032 Specifications

CR3032 Features & Benefits

CR3032 3v Battery Application

BR3032 Batteries vs CR3032 Batteries

CR3032 Batteries vs CR2025 Batteries

CR3032 Battery Equivalent

CR3032 Datasheet PDF

Overview of CR3032 Batteries

The CR3032 is a type of lithium coin cell battery. It is a 30mm diameter, 3.2mm thickness battery. These batteries are commonly used in various electronic devices such as watches, calculators, key fobs, medical devices, and other small electronic gadgets.

CR3032 Size

CR3032 Size

The "CR" in the name indicates that it's a lithium manganese dioxide chemistry battery, and the numbers "30" and "32" represent its dimensions. Like other coin cell batteries, the CR3032 is known for its compact size, relatively high energy density, and long shelf life. These batteries provide a stable power source for devices that require a small and reliable power supply.

CR3032 Specifications

A CR3032 battery is a coin cell, or button cell, lithium battery. Here are its physical characteristics:

  • Size: The '3032' in the name refers to its dimensions - 30mm diameter and 3.2mm height.

  • Shape: As mentioned above, it's referred to as a "coin" or "button" cell because of its shape; it's circular and flat, similar to many coins.

  • Composition: Inside the metal casing (usually stainless steel), there is a lithium anode (hence the 'CR' for Lithium) and cathodes that can be made up of various compounds including manganese dioxide or carbon monofluoride among others depending on the specific model/manufacturer specifications.

  • Nominal Voltage: 3V

  • Nominal Capacity: 600 mAh

  • Weight: 6.8g

  • Capacity: 500mAh

  • Discharge Rate:200μA

  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C

CR3032 Features & Benefits

  • Good pulse capability

  • Versatility

  • Higher Capacity

  • Long Shelf Life

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

  • Reliable Performance

  • High discharge characteristics

  • Stable voltage level during discharge

  • Long-term reliability

CR3032 3v Battery Application

  • Computer Motherboards

  • Medical Devices: pacemakers, hearing aids, or glucose monitors

  • Portable Electronics: Digital cameras, handheld game consoles, watches, remote controls and other equipment

  • Security Systems: Home security systems such as alarms or motion detectors

  • Fitness Trackers & Heart Rate Monitors

  • Industrial Applications

BR3032 Batteries vs CR3032 Batteries

Although CR3032 and BR3032 batteries have the same size and shape, they have different chemical compositions. The following are their differences.

CR3032 Battery vs BR3032 Battery
ChemistryLithium Manganese Dioxide (Li-MnO2)Lithium Carbon Monofluoride (Li-CF)
Temperature rangeTypically -30°C to +60°CTypically -30°C to +80°C

Key differences between the two include:

Chemistry: The CR series uses Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry which provides high capacity and high drain capabilities, while the BR series uses Lithium Carbon Monofluoride which offers lower self-discharge rates for longer shelf life and can operate over a wider temperature range.

Temperature Range: As mentioned above, BR batteries typically have a wider operating temperature range than CR batteries.

CR3032 Batteries vs CR2025 Batteries

The CR3032 and CR2025 are both lithium coin cell batteries, but they have different physical dimensions and capacities. Here's a comparison:

CR2025 Battery vs CR3032 Battery
CapacityTypically around 500mAhTypically around 165mAh

Key differences between the two include:

Size: The CR3032 is larger than the CR2025 in terms of both diameter and height.

Capacity: Due to its larger size, the CR3032 has a higher capacity (more total energy storage) compared to the smaller CR2025 battery.

CR3032 Battery Equivalent

DL3032, BR3032, KL3032, L3032, ECR3032, KCR3032, E-CR3032, KECR3032.

CR3032 Datasheet PDF

Panasonic CR3032 PDF

Panasonic BR3032 PDF

Panasonic CR2025 PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Difference between BR3032 and CR3032?

The main difference lies in their intended applications. The "BR" and "CR" prefixes indicate the different chemical compositions of the batteries.

BR3032 uses lithium carbon monofluoride chemistry, while CR3032 uses lithium manganese dioxide chemistry.

BR3032 is typically used in applications where a low and stable discharge rate is required over a long period, such as in memory backup for some electronic devices.

2. Can I use CR3032 instead of BR3032?

While CR3032 and BR3032 batteries are physically identical and both output around 3 volts, their different chemical compositions—Lithium Manganese Dioxide for CR3032 and Lithium Bromide for BR3032—result in varying performance characteristics. Although you can physically replace a BR3032 with a CR3032, it's not always advisable due to these differences.

3. Are CR2032 and CR3032 the same?

No, CR2032 and CR3032 differ in size. CR2032 has a 20mm diameter and 3.2mm thickness, while CR3032 is larger with a 30mm diameter and 3.2mm thickness.

4. What are CR3032 batteries used for?

CR3032 batteries are commonly used in various electronic devices, including but not limited to watches, calculators, key fobs, medical devices, and other small electronic gadgets. They are suitable for applications that require a reliable and compact power source.

5. What voltage is a CR3032 battery?

A CR3032 lithium coin cell battery typically has a nominal voltage of 3 volts.

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