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Farad to Nanofarad Conversion Calculator


In this article we will explain in detail how to convert Farad to Nanofarads(reference: The International System of Units, 9th Edition, 2019). You can also use the Farad to Nanofarad converter below. Accurately convert Farad to Nanofarads (f to nf)!

Farads to Nanofarads Converter


Results in Nanofarads:

1 farads = 1000000000 nanofarads
1 F = 1e+9 nF

How to Convert Farad to Nanofarads?

The conversion from farads (F) to nanofarads (nF) involves multiplying the capacitance value by (109), as one farad is equivalent to (109) nanofarads.

The formula to convert farads to nanofarads is:

Nanofarads = Farads × 109

For instance, if you have 0.000002 farads and wish to convert it to nanofarads:

0.000002 farads = 0.000002 × 109 nanofarads = 2 nanofarads

Therefore, 0.000002 farads is equivalent to 2 nanofarads.

What is Nanofarad?

A nanofarad (nF) is a unit of capacitance used to measure the capacity of a capacitor or any electrical component to store electrical energy. The prefix "nano-" denotes one billionth of a farad.

Nanofarad Symbol is nF

Nanofarads Symbol: nF

Specifically, one nanofarad is equal to (10-9) farads. It's a small unit used in the metric system to express capacitance values of electronic components.

Nanofarads are commonly utilized to measure the capacitance of smaller capacitors in electronic circuits. They are smaller than microfarads (μF) and are larger than picofarads (pF). For example, a capacitor with a capacitance of 0.000000001 farads is equivalent to 1 nanofarad.

What is a farad?

A farad (F) is the standard unit of measurement for capacitance, representing the ability of a capacitor to store an electrical charge. One farad is a relatively large unit of capacitance.

Capacitance is a fundamental property of a capacitor and signifies its capacity to store electrical energy in an electric field. The greater the capacitance, the more electric charge a capacitor can store for a given voltage.

In most practical applications, capacitance values are commonly expressed in smaller units such as microfarads (μF), nanofarads (nF), or picofarads (pF). A farad is a significant unit and is relatively large for many applications.

For instance, one microfarad is equal to 10-6farads, one nanofarad is equal to 10-9 farads, and one picofarad is equal to 10-12 farads.

F to nF Conversion Table

Certainly! Here is a detailed conversion table from farads (F) to nanofarads (nF):

Farads (F) to Nanofarads (nF)
1 F = 1,000,000,000 nF
0.1 F = 100,000,000 nF
0.01 F = 10,000,000 nF
0.001 F = 1,000,000 nF
0.0001 F = 100,000 nF
0.00001 F = 10,000 nF
0.000001 F = 1,000 nF
0.0000001 F = 100 nF
0.00000001 F = 10 nF
0.000000001 F = 1 nF
0.0000000001 F = 0.1 nF
0.00000000001 F = 0.01 nF
0.000000000001 F = 0.001 nF
0.0000000000001 F = 0.0001 nF
0.00000000000001 F = 0.00001 nF

This table provides a comprehensive conversion from farads to nanofarads, covering a wide range of values and demonstrating the direct relationship between the larger unit (farads) and the smaller unit (nanofarads) for capacitance measurements.

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