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Convert nF to pF Calculator & Nanofarad to Picofarad Conversion Chart

This article, based on the 9th edition of The International System of Units released in 2019, will primarily discuss how to convert nanofarads (nF) to picofarads (pF), and provide a convenient conversion calculator. We will start with the basic concept of capacitance, then delve into the specific steps and techniques of unit conversion, to help you better understand and apply this process.

Convert nF to pF Calculator


1 nf = 1000 pf

How to Convert nF to pF

To convert nanofarads (nF) to picofarads (pF), you multiply by 1000. This is because 1 nanofarad is equivalent to 1000 picofarads.

nF to pF

So, if you have a capacitance value in nanofarads and you want to convert it to picofarads, you would use the following formula:

1 pF = 1000 nF

Therefore, to convert from nF to pF, you simply multiply the number of nF by 1,000.

For example, if you have a capacitance of 3 nF, it would be equivalent to 3000 pF.

Conversion Formula and Calculation


Capacitance in pF = Capacitance in nF × 1,000

Example Calculation:

If you have a capacitance of 2 nF, you would calculate:

Capacitance in pF = 2 nF×1,000 = 2,000 pF

Capacitor uF - pF - nF Conversion Chart

µF or MFDnFpF or MMFD
0.001 µF or MFD11,000 pF or MMFD
0.0022 µF or MFD2.22,200 pF or MMFD
0.0047 µF or MFD4.74,700 pF or MMFD
0.01 µF or MFD1010,000 pF or MMFD
0.022 µF or MFD2222,000 pF or MMFD
0.033 µF or MFD3333,000 pF or MMFD
0.047 µF or MFD4747,000 pF or MMFD
0.1 µF or MFD100100,000 pF or MMFD
0.22 µF or MFD220220,000 pF or MMFD
0.33 µF or MFD330330,000 pF or MMFD
0.47 µF or MFD470470,000 pF or MMFD
1 µF or MFD1,0001,000,000 pF or MMFD
2.2 µF or MFD2,2002,200,000 pF or MMFD
3.3 µF or MFD3,3003,300,000 pF or MMFD
4.7 µF or MFD4,7004,700,000 pF or MMFD
10 µF or MFD10,00010,000,000 pF or MMFD
22 µF or MFD22,00022,000,000 pF or MMFD
33 µF or MFD33,00033,000,000 pF or MMFD
47 µF or MFD47,00047,000,000 pF or MMFD
100 µF or MFD100,000100,000,000 pF or MMFD
220 µF or MFD220,000220,000,000 pF or MMFD
330 µF or MFD330,000330,000,000 pF or MMFD
470 µF or MFD470,000470,000,000 pF or MMFD
1,000 µF or MFD1,000,0001,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
2,200 µF or MFD2,200,0002,200,000,000 pF or MMFD
3,300 µF or MFD3,300,0003,300,000,000 pF or MMFD
4,700 µF or MFD4,700,0004,700,000,000 pF or MMFD
10,000 µF or MFD10,000,00010,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
22,000 µF or MFD22,000,00022,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
33,000 µF or MFD33,000,00033,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
47,000 µF or MFD47,000,00047,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
100,000 µF or MFD100,000,000100,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
220,000 µF or MFD220,000,000220,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
330,000 µF or MFD330,000,000330,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
470,000 µF or MFD470,000,000470,000,000,000 pF or MMFD
0.68 µF or MFD680680,000 pF or MMFD
0.82 µF or MFD820820,000 pF or MMFD
1.5 µF or MFD1,5001,500,000 pF or MMFD
2.7 µF or MFD2,7002,700,000 pF or MMFD
3.9 µF or MFD3,9003,900,000 pF or MMFD
5.6 µF or MFD5,6005,600,000 pF or MMFD
6.8 µF or MFD6,8006,800,000 pF or MMFD
8.2 µF or MFD8,2008,200,000 pF or MMFD
15 µF or MFD15,00015,000,000 pF or MMFD
27 µF or MFD27,00027,000,000 pF or MMFD
39 µF or MFD39,00039,000,000 pF or MMFD
56 µF or MFD56,00056,000,000 pF or MMFD
68 µF or MFD68,00068,000,000 pF or MMFD
82 µF or MFD82,00082,000,000 pF or MMFD
150 µF or MFD150,000150,000,000 pF or MMFD


In conclusion, understanding the conversion between different units of capacitance, such as nanofarads (nF), picofarads (pF), and microfarads (µF), is crucial, especially in fields like electronics where these units are commonly used. The conversion process is straightforward, with 1 nF equating to 1,000 pF and 1 µF equating to 1,000 nF. However, it's essential to consider the number of significant figures in your original measurement, as this can influence the precision of your converted value. These conversions not only help in maintaining accuracy but also in better understanding and interpreting the specifications and performance of electronic components such as capacitors.

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